The Product

BestTime includes everything you need to successfully manage a timeshare/vacation club.


Get to know your sales force and your prospects. Take control of your budget and the productivity of each program.
The payroll module gives you the flexibility to offer better conditions and incentives.

  • Leads. Manage Programs, Locations, Tour Invitations, Personnel (OPCs, VLOs, Liners, Closers, etc.)

  • Tours. Qualifications, Hosts, Demographic Profile, Statistics.

  • Gifts. Price Lists, Inventory Management, Budget, Charges to Personnel.

  • Payroll. Rules Setup, Automatic Generation, Extra Charges, Multicompany.


Your contracts are easily captured and printed. You can create commissions automatically and link them to payroll.
You have the option to make an upgrade or supersede with flexible equity calculations.
Take control of your sales inventory.

  • Product Management. Price Lists, Templates (weeks, points, nights, discounts, any combination), Exit Program.

  • Contracts. One step printing, Addendums, Benefits, Customized Security.

  • Upgrades/Downgrades. Automatic Equity, Unlimited changes, Automatic adjustments on Payroll. 

  • Sales Inventory. Affectation period (Annual, Biennial), Automatic release on Cancellation.

  • Financing. Customizable financing, Refinancing Preview, Automatic refinancing.


Our internal booking engine simplifies the reservations process and gives you the flexibility to integrate complex scenarios. 

  • Inventory Management. Calendars, Seasons, Segments, Bulk Operations.

  • Book Engine. Inventory credits, Credits Exchange, Hierarchies.

  • Booking Rights. Room types, Hotel Brands.

  • Breaking Rules. Online Authorization Request.

  • Deposits. Exchange companies.


You define the rules and can automate your collection campaign.

  • Collection Campaigns. Rules Setup, Communication Channels (Phone, Email, traditional Mail) Automatic Billing.

  • Payments. Refunds.

  • Automatic Payment Authorizations. Credit Card payments Automation.


Our Business Intelligence module let’s you take the pulse of your company on any data you need, always in real time.

  • Setup. Users and Roles, Permissions by Company, Security.

  • PCI. We follow PCI (Payment Card Industry) rules.

  • General Ledger. Setup, Exchange Rates, Account Registry.

  • Invoicing. Invoices, Credit Notes, Electronic Invoices (PDF, XML).

  • Customer Service. Service Tickets, Follow Ups, Service Panel to see all customer information in one window.

  • Reports. Traditional, KPI (Key Performance Index), Analysis, Business Intelligence.

  • Customization

  • Multi- Company

  • Multi-Currency

  • Audit Trail Log.

  • Third-Party Integration:

    • Property Management System

    • Financial Institutions

    • Exchange Companies

    • Computer Telephony Integration

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