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BestTime - TimeShare - Vacation Club - Virtual Sales

Virtual Sales Module 

The global COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we interact with prospects and customers. BestTime created the Virtual Sales Module giving you a lucrative alternative to in-person sales. Located within our CRM system, we make it easy to institutionalize sales content and share best practices with your Sales Team.

  • Personalized Video Conference Tool: Interact with prospects/customers in a virtual session 
    using a custom domain.

  • Manage the entire Pre-Sale, Sale, and Post-Sale process in a safe and cost-effective virtual environment.

  • Record, store and download video sessions for review, audit, and training.

  • Share sales collateral on screen and conduct virtual tours. 

  • Generate and execute Contracts and other documents in real-time.

  • Automatically generate Sales Tickets for audit and follow-up on the entire Sales process.

  • Automatic integration to BTS: The entire process above is automatically integrated into the Best Time Software Platform with full functionality.

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