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BestTime - TimeShare - Vacation Club - Management - CRM - Business Intelligence - BI - KPI - Audit Module - Multi company - Multi currency - Book keeping - Security roles - Data encription

Strategic Management Module

Take the pulse of your company in real-time using any data point or performance matrix.

  • BTS Customer Relationship Manager: Custom CRM shows 360° Customer Profile online and in real-time. Easily create Service Tickets to follow-up, flag, or assign tasks.

  • Security roles can be assigned by role and level and rule and user.

  • System encrypts sensitive information per PCI.

  • BTS Business Intelligence: Live Workflow Maps, Tools and Reports enable strategic decision-making and the ability to address customer pleasure and pain points in real-time.

  • BTS Key Performance Index Module: Create custom KPIs and evaluate in real-time. System generates traditional Industry Reports which can be customized as needed.

  • Detailed Audit Trail Log automatically created per field with date, time, and user.

  • Multiple companies, multiple offices, multiple currencies and exchange rates can be defined.

  • Accounting and accounting policies automatically follow the rules of host country.

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